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LÖT 2022

21.06.2022 – 23.06.2022
Aachen, Eurogress Aachen

It's that time again: we are pleased to announce that LÖT 2022 – 13th International Conference on Brazing, High Temperature Brazing and Diffusion Bonding is once again inviting you to Aachen.

This conference is one of the world‘s leading events in this field of brazing, diffusion bonding and soldering. It brings together scientists, engineers and technical personnel from around the world who are involved in research, development and application of joining technology.

The objectives of the conference are

  • Presentation of technical solutions for modern applications
  • Transfer of scientific results into operational practice
  • Information about the latest trends and technological developments
  • Presentation of fields of application for new materials
  • Establishing or intensifying contacts between users and researchers


Language of the event: English

See you at the LÖT 2022 in Aachen!




LÖT 2022

21.06.2022 – 23.06.2022
Aachen, Eurogress Aachen
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