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DVS - German Welding Society
Aachener Straße 172
40223 Düsseldorf

P.O. Box 10 19 65
40010 Düsseldorf

+49 211 1591-0
+49 211 1591-200

Register of societies: Local Court in Düsseldorf, VR 3219
Turnover tax identification no.: DE 119496128
Business liability insurance: Allianz Versicherungs-AG, Berlin
Articles of association

Dipl.-Betriebsw. Susanne Szczesny-Oßing

Dr. Philipp Beckmann
Dipl.-Ing. Ines Hensel
Dr. rer. pol. Udo Scheer

General Manager:
Dr.-Ing. Roland Boecking

Liability exclusion

Liability for contents and links
The information on this website is of a general kind and merely serves to introduce DVS - German Welding Society ("DVS") to the interested Internet user.
The contents of our Internet sites were elaborated with the utmost care. However, we cannot assume any guarantee for the correctness, completeness or topicality of the contents.

On our Internet sites, you can also find links to other sites in the Internet. We would like to point out to you that we do not have any influence on the designs or contents of the sites to which we have linked. Therefore, we cannot assume any guarantee for the correctness, completeness or topicality of the information provided there. Against this background, DVS will assume absolutely no responsibility, for any legal reasons whatsoever, for the contents of the Internet sites of any third parties. If any legal infringements become known, we will remove such links without delay.

All the texts, images, graphics and sound, video and animation files as well as their arrangements are subject to copyright and other laws for the protection of intellectual property. They must neither be copied for trading purposes or for dissemination nor amended or used on other Internet sites. Our Internet sites also include material which is subject to the copyright of those who have made this available. Should you become aware of any copyright infringements, then we are requesting a corresponding notice.

Trademark protection
DVS is the owner of the protected trademarks DVS and DVS PersZert, registered with the German Patent Office. The object of the trademarks is to protect the society logo in any lettering or presentation for services such as the training, advanced training and retraining as well as qualification testing and certification of welding technology personnel (DVS® and DVS-PersZert®).

Communication via e-mail
Communication via e mail may exhibit security gaps. For example, e mails may, on their way to the employees of DVS, be stopped and examined by adept Internet users. Should we receive an e mail from you, then we will assume that we are entitled to reply by e mail. Otherwise, we must expressly draw your attention to another kind of communication.

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