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DVS. Well connected.


A nationwide connection

Partnership-based relationships with strong societies, interdisciplinary cooperation on a professional level and a competent team from the associated companies of the DVS Group – this is what has characterised DVS as a technical-scientific, non-profit society for years.

Together, we are committed to a high-performance industry in joining, cutting and coating technology. Together, we ensure qualification and certification in vocational training as well as recognised technical rules and standards. Together, we push forward innovations for joining technology.

Our affiliated companies research, check and develop new ideas for the industry. They provide on-site training, give testing and laboratory situations a space or ensure a comprehensive range of technical and teaching media on the market.

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An European connection

DVS and EWF – European Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting are linked by a common technical language: common DVS/EWF training and examination standards for welding personnel and their qualification according to uniform rules throughout Europe are just one example of this.

EWF and its member organisations have developed an international harmonised system for education, training and qualification in the field of joining technologies and additive manufacturing. It was a pioneer organisation developing the first harmonised system embracing all the European countries for the qualification of personnel for a wide range of levels both in welding, related technologies and inspection.

In addition, there are collaborative research programmes with EU funding and a cooperation with the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN).

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A worldwide connection

DVS is on the global road with the International Institute of Welding (IIW). Here, we contribute our ideas and visions to expert groups that ensure technical results and standards (Technical Groups) or educational concepts (International Authorisation Board, or IAB for short) at international level. That is how we create more knowledge, more capacities and more security for the industry.

Just like the EWF in Europe, the IIW also ensures internationally harmonised training and further education for skilled personnel.

As a professional society from Germany, we support the international exchange of experience, common rules, documents, recommendations, technical books and ISO standard proposals. We are also committed to promoting young talents, the IIW Young Professionals.

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Your stepping stone: vocational training in DVS

Do you want to change your career? Find a secure job in Germany that will also be in demand in the future? Do you want to learn a profession that requires manual skills as well as technical talent and a quick grasp? Then you've come to the right place.

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DVS. Next Generation.

Internationally well on track

DVS-IIW Young Professionals

With us, around 19,000 members are waiting to see the results of your work, to hear your presentation or to receive your support in an honorary position or in student groups – in short: we want to shape the future with you.

Because: prospective engineers in joining, cutting and coating technologies are already working today on solutions for tomorrow. They have very different demands on the sector than professionals with years of experience. That's why we support young professionals and students.

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The world together

International Welding Competition

Four manual welding processes, many nations, one competition: the International Welding Competition by DVS does it all! This competition is the transnational highlight for young welders. No other competition combines skill, ability and team spirit like this one. Cultural differences and language barriers are of no relevance.

DVS periodically organises the International Welding Competition during the leading world trade fair SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN and invites nations from all over the world to send their young talents in teams to the contest.

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On fire

Competition "Jugend schweißt"

Every two years, Germany's best young welders come together: at the unique DVS competition "Jugend schweißt" (Young Welders) within the framework of the world's leading trade fair "SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN".

For more than 20 years, "Jugend schweißt" has been building bridges between the various branches of the sector. It connects the young national talents with the "old hands", theoretical know-how with expert practice, and the fun of welding with exciting competitions and great thrills.
You can take part in "Jugend schweißt" if you are between 16 and 23 years old and live in Germany.

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DVS. We set the standards

Technology inspires us, and because of that, we have our own committee of experts that takes care of it: the "Ausschuss für Technik”, our “Technical Committee”. Here, more than 2,000 experts in 200 working groups and one professional society contribute to the standards for the sector.

The result? The DVS' comprehensive set of technical rules. The online library contains around 500 DVS technical bulletins and guidelines, some of which are also available in English. It is free of charge for all the members of the society

DVS also works closely with the “Deutsches Institut für Normung e. V. (DIN)” (German Institute for Standardisation). In joint committees, standards are further developed and provide safety in the planning, implementation and testing of joining technology work.

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Research. DVS Forschung

Apparently unsolvable tasks require people who are curious, who have ideas, who research, analyse and develop. We bring them together to develop new solutions for joining, cutting and coating technology close to practical needs.

The association “DVS Forschung” (DVS Research) unites entrepreneurs, researchers and promoters to give the industry a technical or technological edge and thus a profitable advantage – for the benefit of society, of industry and of the company that helped create the solutions.

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