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From the sector for the sector?

Yes, absolutely too! But information from DVS is not just for experts. It is available to everyone who is interested in joining, cutting and coating materials and material composites. Therefore, use the free download function of selected, English-language DVS media or contact us.

We will be pleased to compile an individual information folder for you.

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Discover a network full of possibilities. A brief portrait of the DVS

Discover the DVS with its international network. In this brochure we present the different areas within our professional society and show why a DVS membership is worthwhile.

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Virtual Welding Trainer Systems (VWTS) for Training and Further Education

This brochure provides information on the advantages and disadvantages of VWTS and presents examples of successful applications in training centers and in industry. Here, trainers, participants, manufacturers and users describe their experiences with “Virtual Welding Trainer Systems“.

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Poster: Manual Welding Processes

The most important manual welding processes Gas, E-Hand, MSG and TIG are briefly explained on this poster and supplemented by their areas of application.

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Poster: Series welding processes for plastic components

Staff members of the "Plastics" professorship at the Chemnitz University of Technology and staff members of the "Plastics Technology Paderborn" (KPT) at the University of Paderborn have compiled the contents for the poster "Series welding processes for plastic components". The various processes are presented clearly by means of a brief description, by naming the area of application and by a graphic.

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WELDING AND CUTTING is an English language technical journal covering welding, cutting and brazing technology and related fields. WELDING AND CUTTING is published by DVS in collaboration with The Welding Institute, United Kingdom, and the Institut de Soudure, France.

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As a bilingual trade journal, JOINING PLASTICS deals exclusively with the cover topic. Application-oriented technical articles reflect the latest developments and the state of the art for series welding and joining of plastics in pipeline, tank and apparatus construction.

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THERMAL SPRAY BULLETIN takes up the technology of thermal spraying and publishes both application-oriented technical articles on new developments and the state of the art as well as peer-reviewed scientific papers in two languages.

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